Keeping New Mexico History Alive

Elfego Baca Project

Elfego was a true Hispanic hero. I want to bring awareness to our future generations of this courageous young man and the events that occurred in the Frisco valley in 1884.

Henry Martinez, great-grandson Epitaco Martinez

Jackie Fryar
Business Owner. A lifelong resident of Reserve, NM grew up hearing the stories of Elfego Baca and loves the history of the area. Jackie is the owner of Jake's General Store and has spent tireless hours helping the community and people of Reserve.

Max Lee
Treasurer. Residing in Los Lunas, Max provides financial and tax advice to the organization.

Bob Alvarado
Author. As an Hispanic American I am always drawn to characters and stories about heroic Hispanics. Elfego is a role model and his legacy should be taught and remembered. I am happy to be a part of the Elfego Baca Project.

recent prOJECTS

Evening lighting of the memorial statue.


Finish the museum and memorial park in Reserve, NM. Continue to support efforts to keep the history of the area alive.

mission & vision

To respect and support the history and life of a true Hispanic New Mexican hero through recognition and memorials.

our leadership team

Maintaining history for the future is essential for our future generations. I remember my great-uncle and his story needs to be told. I believe he was truly a heroic American.

Foundation History

2001 - Non-profit organized

2005 - Memorial monument commissioned to James N. Muir, sculptor

2008 - Monument in Reserve dedicated 5/28/2008

2013 - Evening lighting installed at memorial

Gilbert E. Baca, grand-nephew of Elfego Baca

Our founderS